Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Everyday Mineral Brushes and Clinique 3 Step System

I apologize for taking forever to update my blog but I've just been caught up with some things. I've decided to split up my Everyday Minerals review into sections as it would take a while for me to give a full review of the products so I will start off with a review of their flat top brush and long handled kabuki brush. As well, I will review the Clinique 3-Step program for combination skin sometime in the winter.

Everyday Minerals Brushes: All their brushes are made out of synthetic hair

Long Handled Kabuki Brush ($10) - I use this brush to apply my blush and bronzer and so far, I have not experienced any problems with this brush. It is so amazingly soft and the bristles stay in place! I've washed it several times and everything has remained in tact. The physical appearance is aesthetically pleasing with a thick handle. The brush measures 4 inches in length which makes it easy for those of us constantly on the go.

Flat Top Brush ($10) -
I use this brush to apply my foundation and it is a dream to work with. It allows for an even application and the uber soft bristles feel so good against the skin. This brush looks exactly the same as the long handled kabuki brushes except for the bristles which is cut straight across whereas the bristles on the kabuki is curved.

Everyday Minerals make some really amazing brushes so it is definitely worth a try. From my experience with this brush, I have no had any issues with shedding and it is just so SOFT! The price of the brushes are very reasonable as well but for those looking for a bang for their buck then I would definitely recommend getting the Personal Custom Kit for $34.00. You can choose any 6 full sized items from their website which amounts to a measly $5.66 for each item. That is much cheaper than any product from the drugstore and their products last for a very long time.

Tip: I recommend washing your makeup brushes weekly to avoid any potential skin breakouts. The oils that you transfer from you face to your brush can make your brushes quite dirty especially if you are a regular makeup user. I use facial cleanser to wash my makeup brushes and I lay them to air dry overnight.

Clinique 3-Step Program for Combination Skin (2): Liquid Facial Soap, Clarifying Lotion, and Dramatically Different Lotion

I used this product for 2-3 days and I returned it. I was really looking to forward to trying out the product and I wish I had not. This product was a complete nightmare for my skin. The first day I used it, my skin became extremely inflamed and started to burn after the first 2 steps! Initially, I thought it may have been my Everyday Minerals makeup since I tested both products out on the same day but EM was definitely not the culprit. I avoided using their moisturizer and just applied some Nivea onto my skin to soothe it. The following day, I decided to give it another go and skipped the second step which was the clarifying lotion (toner, I suspect that it had alcohol in it) and parts of my skin ended up feeling like sand paper. I just assumed that it was the cold weather drying out my skin but little did I know that it was Clinique's so-called solution for better skin. I started to break out after the second usage but I decided to give it another go. I used all 3 products and I was on the verge of tears. My skin was blistering red and it was burning. On top of that, my skin was flaking. I needed a moisturizer badly so I kept on applying Clinique's dramatically different lotion. That just made things worst and my skin kept on getting more dried out. It finally dawned on me that Clinique was the source of my skin woes so I washed everything off with good old Cetaphil and applied cold cream to my skin. My skin still burned but it was gradually easing off. I promptly returned the products and was refunded my $80.00. I have heard other people with positive experiences with Clinqiue but for myself, it was horrible. I don't ever see myself using this product again. In a span of 3 days, my skin was at its all time worst.

I hope everyone is having a good summer so far! :)