Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baggage ...Edit

2010 Spring collection - Mmmm, what to get?

Love the look of the black items, very classic.
The pink and yellow are so nice, not colors I would normally pick for leather.
Taupe purse is really catching my eye but I have so many browns.
I believe it is 15 by 10inches? approx.

I'm not normally a coach fan but I love the look of the leather and the logo is very discrete. no monograms here =)

**After going into the store and seeing the bags, I must say that I am not a fan at all. The leather seemed very cheap and had the consistency of pvc..good quality pvs, haha. The only thing that I semi liked was the black wallet, the leather felt much thicker and softer but it was still very plain looking. I will be passing up on this collection. Until next time..ciao!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Long and Lean at 5'5

I bought a pair of jeans yesterday. I've been searching forever for jeans with a nice fit and a gorgeous dark wash, also something that would make my legs look super long! We all know that skinny jeans are horrible at that. Especially on my body shape, I have big thighs so it's typically a nightmare to find jeans that fit both my waist and thighs. I believed I solved my problems with Gap's Long and Lean. They fit nicely around the waist and aren't super tight around the thigh area.I love that you can dress them up and down depending on your shoes and top. I will definitely need to get them hemmed, they're too long even with heels on. I will post a picture of them on me some time later.

I think the retail value is around $79.80 Cdn

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Today's going to be a pretty busy day. How odd that CNY just happens to fall on the same day as Valentine's day. I know there's a lot of animosity towards v-day but I personally don't mind it. I've heard all of this before, that it is a consumerist holiday and a gimmicky day created by card companies and whatnot to get you to buy buy buy. For me, it's just an extra opportunity to get all cuddly and sweet with my significant other. This can be rebutted by those anti-vday folks who may say that I could do this any day of the year without a need for this 'holiday'. There's truth in those words but it really isn't that big of a deal. there are people that love the extra opportunity to celebrate a holiday, gimmick or not. Then there are those that see it as a chance to groge on chocloate and watch girly movies with their s.o. Regardless, it's all harmless fun.

Happy Valentine's Day (to all the non-haters =) )


Happy Chinese New Years to all the Asians out there!! to dim sum now!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Crunch Time!

arghhhhhhhh, I have an exam in a few hours and I feel so under prepared. Blogging is probably one of the least helpful things I can do at the moment but my brain feels like its going to explode. I can't wait to get this over with!!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Welcome to the Tropics

Every now and then, my room needs a little splash of something [especially when I have guests]. So what do I do? I spray one or two spritz of Bath and Body Work's Coconut Lime Verbena Body Splash. Those two spritz is enough to transform my messy room into an instant tropical island - of course not literally! *hopefully the scent is enough of a distraction from the mess* It's a really yummy scent with stronger undertones of coconut than lime. The lime however gives a burst of zest whereas the coconut provides a warmth overtone, very soothing.

I also use this on days when I don't feel like a strong perfume scent but rather something light and refreshing. The scent lingers for a couple hours.

The product retails approx. $11.00 cdn. for a 236ml bottle. I've had this since last winter ( I believe that's about a couple months after Bath and Body Works opened up CDN stores) and I'm not even halfway done.


I've noticed that I've yet to post my thoughts of the Herbal Essence shampoo that I recieved so I'll do a quick review. The shampoos in my opinion weren't anything amazing. I felt that the shampoo [all scents] were actually quite clumpy and would kind of ooze out of the opening. . The conditioners however were of a nice consistency. It left my hair feeling silky, oooh la la.

The promises of volume, balanced hair and extra moisture were lacking. I've noticed since that stores everywhere are selling them for very cheap, about $2.99 a bottle or sometimes with buy one get one free offers as well.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Fish Candy

Camera Phone Pic

This is 100% random but check out these fish oil pills from T&T! Love the design of the product. If I were a kid, I would have no problem eating this product - it looks like candy!

Where's the greeen??

I'm not talking money here folks but rather natural lipstick and mascara. In the past year or so I've developed a fascination with lipstick. Since I keep my makeup very simple - as in, most people don't think I'm wearing any - a splash of lip colour can enhance my overall look. I've been using the odd Lancome lip colours and a clinique lip palette, they're mainly berry shades. Anyways, enough with veering off topic, I am on a quest to find natural lip and mascara product as those seem to be my makeup staples. Might as well include that in my 'green' regime.

It's actually quite annoying and tedious trying to locate these products on the internet. This is mainly due to the excessive advertising websites that pop up in the search. I prefer to purchase my products based on reviews, ideally on beauty blogs. I like getting the perspective from an actual user and pictures don't hurt either! I know I've been slow on the picture uptake but my brother has taken my camera hostage so for the time being, my entries may be a little bland. =( I promise I'll make it up when I get more time on my hands and access to the camera.

I am still on my lipstick and mascara quest but I will post my findings, if I do find anyone that are to my liking. I could try out a natural lipstick recipe I found on the net but that's if I really don't find anything.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Maybelline Pink Please

After hearing so many raves about this pale pink lipstick as a new holy grail product, I was sold. The positive reviews floating around in the beauty blogging world had me excited but boy, was it a disappointment. The color itself is actually quite nice but its the actually product that is a let down. I'm talking about the short wearing power and extreme dryness of the lipstick. Within minutes I can see the product is fading and it turns my lips into dried prunes [not a pretty sight]. I really wanted it to work so I would exfoliate and then moisturize with my Carmex lipbalm but really hasnt done much to improve the lipstick. Let's talk about the taste! It's actually reminds me of play doh or something similar.

Taken with my camera phone so not the best of quality/lighting

The product gets 2 1/2 stars. One of which is for the pretty packaging.

That's it folks!