Friday, February 19, 2010

Long and Lean at 5'5

I bought a pair of jeans yesterday. I've been searching forever for jeans with a nice fit and a gorgeous dark wash, also something that would make my legs look super long! We all know that skinny jeans are horrible at that. Especially on my body shape, I have big thighs so it's typically a nightmare to find jeans that fit both my waist and thighs. I believed I solved my problems with Gap's Long and Lean. They fit nicely around the waist and aren't super tight around the thigh area.I love that you can dress them up and down depending on your shoes and top. I will definitely need to get them hemmed, they're too long even with heels on. I will post a picture of them on me some time later.

I think the retail value is around $79.80 Cdn

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