Friday, February 5, 2010

Where's the greeen??

I'm not talking money here folks but rather natural lipstick and mascara. In the past year or so I've developed a fascination with lipstick. Since I keep my makeup very simple - as in, most people don't think I'm wearing any - a splash of lip colour can enhance my overall look. I've been using the odd Lancome lip colours and a clinique lip palette, they're mainly berry shades. Anyways, enough with veering off topic, I am on a quest to find natural lip and mascara product as those seem to be my makeup staples. Might as well include that in my 'green' regime.

It's actually quite annoying and tedious trying to locate these products on the internet. This is mainly due to the excessive advertising websites that pop up in the search. I prefer to purchase my products based on reviews, ideally on beauty blogs. I like getting the perspective from an actual user and pictures don't hurt either! I know I've been slow on the picture uptake but my brother has taken my camera hostage so for the time being, my entries may be a little bland. =( I promise I'll make it up when I get more time on my hands and access to the camera.

I am still on my lipstick and mascara quest but I will post my findings, if I do find anyone that are to my liking. I could try out a natural lipstick recipe I found on the net but that's if I really don't find anything.


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