Thursday, February 4, 2010

Maybelline Pink Please

After hearing so many raves about this pale pink lipstick as a new holy grail product, I was sold. The positive reviews floating around in the beauty blogging world had me excited but boy, was it a disappointment. The color itself is actually quite nice but its the actually product that is a let down. I'm talking about the short wearing power and extreme dryness of the lipstick. Within minutes I can see the product is fading and it turns my lips into dried prunes [not a pretty sight]. I really wanted it to work so I would exfoliate and then moisturize with my Carmex lipbalm but really hasnt done much to improve the lipstick. Let's talk about the taste! It's actually reminds me of play doh or something similar.

Taken with my camera phone so not the best of quality/lighting

The product gets 2 1/2 stars. One of which is for the pretty packaging.

That's it folks!

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