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Intro and E.L.F Review

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This is my first time blogging so please be kind! Haha I am by no means a makeup expert or makeup professional. I'm a university student that has just developed a great interest towards makeup and a love for recieving goodies in the mail! My recent addiction to online shopping, makeup specifically, has lead me here. Personally, I find that reading online reviews really helps me with my purchase decision so I decided to join the bandwagon of makeup bloggers! Enjoy

E.L.F Review - Brushes and Lipglosses

Over the past year, I have become extremely conscious of what goes on my skin so the only products that I felt comfortable using from E.L.F were their lipglosses and makeup brushes. For those of you unfamiliar with E.L.F products, 90% of their products are priced at $1.00! You can save even more with their special discount codes that you can easily find online.

1.Total Face Brush: This brush is absolute garbage! I cringe just thinking of this brush touching my face. It sheds a lot leaving the bristles all over my face and it is so rough. If you can help it, just put that dollar towards something softer.

2.Bronzing Brush: The bristles on the brush surprising picks up the colour from my blushes well but once again it is very rough against the skin.

3.Foundation Brush: I havent had much opportunity to use this brush but just from sweeping the bristles acorss my face I like it. It is very soft and probably one of E.L.F's better face brushes.

4.Eyeliner Brush: This is actually my first eyeliner brush. I usually use the pencil liners but I like this for what its worth. It's quite soft and doesn't tug at the skin but stiff enough to line the eyes.

5.Concealer Brush: This brush is much too small to actually use as a concealer brush. I tried using it a few times but it took way to long to cover blemishes and don't even consider using it to cover underye circles! It will take half the day instead I use this brush as an eyeliner brush and I find that it works much better.

6.Defining Eye Brush: This brush is okay nothing too special. It's nice to have extra eye brushes around. The bristles are soft and for a dollar, it's a good product.

7.Eye Shadow Brush: After reading the raves about this brush I decided to order two and boy, do I wish I bought more. This is actually my favorite brush from E.L.F. This brush is super soft and I use it one on my eyes and the other as a concealer brush. I love love it! If you plan on buying anything from E.L.F I suggest you stock up on this.


8.Candy Shop Lip Gloss - Melon Mayhem: The lipgloss is packaged in a tin of about 3 inches in length. Some might find this a bit big for travel. I was really looking forward to this but when I opened it and saw the glitter in the gloss, I was less than pleased. It has a distinctly plastic smell to it as well. The colour is very sheer which I like but the glitter makes it look extremly teenerbopperish so personally, this is not the gloss for me.

Super Shiny Lip Shine SPF 15 : I love that this gloss has SPF so I bought 3 of them. =) The glosses glide nicely on the lips and stay on for a couple hours. They do a pretty decent job of keeping the lips moisturized but I usually apply Carmax before I put anything on my lips. This product smells like the grape flavoured Tynenol pills that I was given to as a child! I'm a big fan of this product and would definitly recommend it.
  • 9.Pink Kiss: This reminds me of a Barbie Pink which is a definite no go for me. For those of you that are looking for a pale pink gloss then this is the lipgloss for you.

  • 10.Goddess: This is actually my favorite of the three. The colour is actually much darker than they swatch they show on the website. It's a nice mauve colour with a metallic sheen to it. My description probably isn't doing much justice to the product but I would definitely recommend this product.

  • 11.Malt Shake: The colour of the gloss is once again much darker than the website swatch. It looks more like a dark berry which is actually quite nice.

12.Hypershine Gloss - Vixen: Just as the name suggests, this gloss is very shiny. I make sure to use a very small amount whenever I apply the product. The colour in the container is a vibrant, almost hot pink, but when applied onto the lips, it leaves a nice pinkish tint. It also smells like coconut, Mmmm! Use this product sparingly or else you will risk looking like an overglossed teeny bopper.

F.Y.I: In regards to shipping to Canada, it cost me about $15.00 in shippings fees and the products took about 3 weeks to arrive! So be prepared to wait. There are also custom fees to worry about if your order is over $20.00 before the shipping charges are applied.

You can purchase their products on their website:


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