Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sun's Out!

well, it was on Monday but not so much today or the remainder of the week. I typically wear my spf45 facial lotion but on days where its really hot (re:last Thursday during my rollerblading session!) I like to apply sunscreen first then a moisturizer. I bought the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face Sunscreen SPF 60 (approx. $12.00) for those days when I will be spending more time outdoors. It's actually quite thick and takes a while to absorb into the skin. The consistency is slightly thick and there is no scent. I have not experienced any negative skin reactions to the product (combo skin) either. It is a poor base for makeup (I wear mineral makeup) so it makes the makeup look smeary - not good! When wearing this, I avoid wearing makeup, maybe just a little under eye concealer and that's it.

Back of the bottle:

Oil free abd PABA free, non-greasy feel
Waterproof, sweat proof
Gentle enough for sensitive skin
Fragrance free
Non comedogenic

*broad spectrum UVA/UVB

Overall, it sounds like a pretty sunscreen and it actually is. I'd say its only downfall would be that it makes for a poor base to apply makeup over! Perfect beach sunscreen though.

3 Stars!

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